Health and wellbeing coach

Health and Well being coach

Our health and wellbeing coach can support you in increasing your ability to self-manage conditions, improve motivation levels and commitment to lifestyle changes that will improve your mental and physical health. 


Our health and wellbeing coach is an expert in behaviour change and focuses on improving health related outcomes by working with you to set personalised manageable goals that you want to achieve. 


Teesdale PCN health and wellbeing coach, Kathryn Ford, has a wide range of knowledge and skills, coming from nearly a decade of working in clinical rehabilitation of long-term conditions and personal training for jo public to Olympic level athletes. This allows her to work with both long-term physical conditions, including respiratory, type 2 and pre-diabetes, hypertension, all arthritic conditions and more. She can also support you with weight management, diet and increasing activity levels in a sustainable way.


To book a triage call to discuss 121 support with this service , please ring practice to book in.


To book onto or to find out more about the PCN Diabetes prevention programme group sessions ran in your area call Kathryn on 01388 665910