Breast Screening

Breast Screening Program

Our Practice has made a commitment to promote the health of its patients, and to provide education regarding preventive health measures that you can take to maintain a healthy lifestyle. If you still have not got in touch with the NHS Breast Screening service to book an appointment for Breast Screening, we request you to personally  reconsider your decision and take up the opportunity of the screening appointment. 


Screening tests check to see if you have a disease or condition before you have any symptoms of it. The idea is that a problem is picked up before it develops, or in the very early stages. In this way, certain diseases can be prevented before they ever occur, or treated before they start causing any problems. We hope you can see how important these screening tests are and we would encourage you to make every effort to take up the opportunity.  The  information in the box below tells you what you need to do to book your appointment:


Please telephone:

North Tees Breast Screening Unit Tel: 01642 624261